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Original Publicity Notes


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The original publicity notes from the release of Die Hard With a Vengeance

"Die Hard With A Vengeance"

Preliminary Production Information

Detective John McClane thought he'd seen it all. He's back in
New York and about to face his most unusual foe yet -- a twisted
genius named Simon -- who plans to engage McClane and the city
of New York in a deadly game. Simon says: John McClane is about
to have a very bad day ...

Cinergi Pictures Entertainment Inc. presents A John McTiernan

"Die Hard With A Vengeance," starring Bruce Willis, Jeremy
Irons, and Samuel L. Jackson. The film also features Graham
Greene, Colleen Camp, Anthony Peck, and Larry Bryggman. The
screenplay is by Jonathan Hensleigh. Michael Tadross is the
producer. Jonathan Hensleigh, Carmine Zozzora and David Willis
are co-producers. Executive producers are Andrew G. Vajna, Buzz
Feitshans and Robert L. Lawrence.

Bruce Willis, who previously teamed with director John
McTiernan in the acclaimed international box office hit "Die
Hard," returns as Detective John McClane in "Die Hard With A
Vengeance," which brings McClane to his home turf for the first
time: the streets of New York.

Academy Award-winner Jeremy Irons ("Reversal of Fortune") is
Simon, the brilliant terrorist with a special dislike for John
McClane. One of today's busiest motion picture actors, Samuel
L. Jackson ("Pulp Fiction," "Jungle Fever") portrays Zeus,
McClane's unwilling partner in a game of Simon Says.

Colleen Camp ("Greedy," "Sliver"), Academy Award-nominated
actor Graham Greene ("Dances with Wolves"), Anthony Peck ("Die
Hard," "In the Line of Fire"), and Larry Bryggman (TV's "As the
World Turns") round out the starring cast.

Acclaimed filmmaker John McTiernan directed the first "Die
Hard," a film that made Bruce Willis an international film star.
McTiernan's other films include "The Hunt for Red October,"
starring Sean Connery and Alec Baldwin, as well as "Predator,"
starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, "Medicine Man," toplining Sean
Connery, and "Last Action Hero," which also starred

Screenwriter Jonathan Hensleigh's previous credits include
Disney's "A Far Off Place" and LucasFilms' "The Young Indiana
Jones Chronicles." His original script for "Die Hard With A
Vengeance" began as "Simon Says," an action adventure story
about a white New York City cop who in a game of Simon Says, is
ordered to go to Harlem by a psychopathic criminal. There, the
cop meets an African-American named Zeus Carver who aids him in
his battle against the madman.

When he read Hensleigh's script for "Simon Says," John
McTiernan saw that the story's New York cop could easily become
John McClane of "Die Hard." After rejecting several earlier
scripts which would have brought John McClane back, Willis and
McTiernan discovered that Hensleigh's story seemed to have all
the necessary elements to entice them to return to the "Die
Hard" arena. Willis and McTiernan were particularly intrigued
by the script's clever solution to the challenge of creating a
new and different "Die Hard" adventure.

Hensleigh, a great admirer of the original "Die Hard," agreed.
"We immediately shipped the script to (Cinergi head) Andy
Vajna," Hensleigh explains.. "Within 48 hours we had all
decided to make 'Simon Says' into 'Die Hard With A Vengeance.'"

At the same time, key changes were made to "Simon Says" -- and
to some familiar "Die Hard" situations -- in its evolution into
"Die Hard With A Vengeance." For example, McClane's wife is not
put into peril as she had in the previous "Die Hard" films, but
is instead an offscreen presence; McClane is feeling the pains
of their divorce. "We tried to raise the emotional stakes
between two very disparate characters -- McClane and Zeus -- and
make that more the emotional core of the movie," says Hensleigh.

Samuel L. Jackson, who stars in "Pulp Fiction" with Willis (but
did not share screen time with him), was then cast as Zeus
Carver, the man who unwillingly yet brilliantly helps McClane in
his battle against a psychopath terrorizing New York. Zeus and
McClane, each with his own brand of street-smarts, are forced
to play Simon's ingeniously deadly games.

In the role of McClane's tormenter, terrorist Simon, Academy
Award winner Jeremy Irons makes his debut as an action film
villain. While in the past, McClane's battles were fought in a
skyscraper and in an airport, this time Simon virtually holds
hostage the entire city of New York.

In addition to his impressive cast, McTiernan has put together
a top-notch production team for "Die Hard With A Vengeance."
Producer Michael Tadross ("Indecent Proposal," School Ties")
was brought onto the project for his extensive experience with
filming in New York City, while Robert H. Lemer, who worked with
McTiernan on "The Last Action Hero," serves as associate

The director of photography is Peter Menzies, Jr. ("Posse,"
"The Getaway"), the production designer is Jackson De Govia
("Speed," "Die Hard"), and the editor is John Wright ("Speed,"
"The Hunt for Red October") The costume designer is Joseph
Aulisi ("On Deadly Ground," "Nobody's Fool").

"Die Hard With A Vengeance" will be released by Twentieth
Century Fox on Memorial Day, 1995.


BRUCE WILLIS ("John McClane") has demonstrated remarkable
versatility in a career that has seen his films since 1988 total
worldwide box office grosses in excess of $1 billion 319

Bruce Willis was raised in a working-class family in New Jersey
and attended Montclair State College because of its
highly-regarded theater department. After numerous auditions,
he landed a role in the play "Heaven and Earth" in 1977, which
was incentive enough for him to quit school and move to Hell's
Kitchen to pursue an acting career. Soon he was cast in
Off-Broadway plays and television commercials, while
occasionally playing his harmonica and sitting in with rhythm
and blues bands. His acting breakthrough came in 1984 when he
replaced the lead in Sam Shepard's play "Fool for Love," a run
which lasted one hundred performances Off-Broadway.

Later that year, while on a trip to Los Angeles, Willis was
selected from 3,000 contenders to star as "David Addison" in the
phenomenally popular hit television series "Moonlighting," for
which he would win an Emmy and Golden Globe Award, and
ultimately became an international star.

Willis made his feature film debut starring opposite Kim
Basinger in the Blake Edwards comedy, "Blind Date." He then
reunited with the director to play cowboy "Tom Mix" in the
murder mystery "Sunset," before going on to star in the
blockbuster motion picture "Die Hard," directed by John
McTiernan, and one of the highest grossing films of 1988.

The following year, Willis took a dramatic turn by portraying a
Vietnam War veteran haunted by combat memories in Norman
Jewison's "In Country." Returning to comedy, Willis provided
the voice of wise-cracking baby "Mikey" in the highly successful
"Look Who's Talking" and its sequel, "Look Who's Talking Too."

In 1990, Willis starred in "Die Hard 2: Die Harder," the
number two box office hit of the summer, and then starred in
Brian DePalma's "Bonfire of the Vanities," opposite Tom Hanks
and Melanie Griffith.

Willis went on to star opposite Demi Moore and Glenne Headly in
the disturbing psychological drama "Mortal Thoughts," as a cat
burgler extraordinaire in the action-adventure-comedy "Hudson
Hawk," and as gangster "Bo Weinberg" in "Billy Bathgate."

After playing a down-on-his-luck private detective who teams up
with an ex-football player to solve a murder in "The Last Boy
Scout," Willis portrayed a meek anti-hero caught between a pair
of deathless and ferociously competitive beauties played by
Meryl Streep and Godie Hawn in "Death Becomes Her." Willis
then starred in the number one box office hit "Striking
Distance," playing a river patrol cop.

More recently, Willis appeared in Rob Reiner's bittersweet tale
"North," for Castle Rock Pictures, "Color of Night" for Cinergi
Pictures Entertainment, and in the Quentin Tarantino drama,
"Pulp Fiction," winner of the Palme d'Or at this year's Cannes
Film Festival and scheduled for release this fall. Willis also
completed work on "Nobody's Fool," co-starring Paul Newman.

JEREMY IRONS ("Simon") made his motion picture debut playing
the choreographer Fokine in Herbert Ross' "Nijinsky." His next
film role was that of a man who became obsessed by Meryl Streep
in "The French Lieutenant's Woman," which won him the Variety
Club Award for Best Actor and a British Academy Award nomination.

This was followed by his acclaimed performances as a Polish
immigrant in Jerzy Skolimowski's award-winning "Moonlighting"
and as the lover in Harold Pinter's "Betrayal."

Irons' television performances include roles in "The
Pallisers," "Love for Lydia," and "Tales from Hollywood." His
performance in "Brideshead Revisted" brought him world-wide
acclaim and nominations for the Emmy Award, British Academy
Award, and Golden Globe Award for Best Actor.

In 1984 Jeremy Irons played the title role in Volker
Schlondorff's film "Swann in Love." This was followed by the
Broadway run of Tom Stoppard's "The Real Thing" for which he won
both the Drama League Award and Tony Award for Best Actor. He
then starred with Robert De Niro in "The Mission," and spent
1986-7 as a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company.

In 1988, Irons' performance in David Cronenberg's "Dead
Ringers" brought him a Best Actor Award from the New York Film
Critics Circle and a Canadian Genie. This was followed by such
films as "A Chorus of Disapproval," "Danny, The Champion of the
World," and "Australia."

In 1990, Irons starred with Glenn Close in the feature film
based on the re-trial of Claus von Bulow, "Reversal of Fortune."
For his performance as von Bulow, Irons received the Academy
Award and Golden Globe Award as Best Actor.

Irons then played the title role in Steven Soderbergh's "Kafka"
and followed that with starring roles in Stephen Gyllenhaal's
"Waterland," Louis Malle's "Damage," and David Cronenberg's "M.

More recently, Irons starred in "The House of the Spirits" with
Meryl Streep, Glenn Close, Winona Ryder, and Vanessa Redgrave
and directed by Bille August. For Disney's hit film "The Lion
King," Irons provided the voice of Scar, the King of the Jungle.

SAMUEL L. JACKSON ("Zeus") made his mark on film with his
portrayal of a crack addict, in Spike Lee's "Jungle Fever." For
his performance, Jackson received the first and only Best
Supporting Performance Award ever given out by the judges at the
Cannes Film Festival. Jackson's recent motion picture credits
include "True Romance," "Jurassic Park," "Amos and Andrew," and
"National Lampoons Loaded Weapon."

Jackson's career began upon his graduation from Morehouse
College in Atlanta with a degree in dramatic arts. His stage
credits include "Home," "A SolDIEr's Play," and "The District
Line," and he originated roles in two works by acclaimed
playwright August Wilson: "Boy Willie" in "The Piano Lesson"
and "Wolf" in "Two Trains Running." For the New York
Shakespeare Festival, Jackson appeared in "Mother Courage and
Her Children," "Spell #7," and "The Mighty Gents." Television
credits include the movies HBO's "Against the Wall" and
Showtime's "Assault at West Point."

While still a student at Morehouse, Jackson made his film debut
in "Together for Days," while his other big-screen film credits
include "Ragtime," "Sea of Love," "Coming to America," "Raw,"
"Do the Right Thing," "School Daze," "Jumpin' at the Boneyard,"
"Fathers and Sons," "Juice," "Mo' Better Blues," "Goodfellas,"
"Strictly Business," "While Sands," and "Patriot Games."

Jackson can currently be seen co-starring in Boaz Yakin's debut
feature film "Fresh." Upcoming films include Quentin
Tarantino's award-winning "Pulp Fiction," "Losing Isaiah" with
Jessica Lange, "New Age," and Fox's "Kiss of Death," opposite
Nicolas Cage.

GRAHAM GREENE ("Joe Lambert") was born on the Six Nations
Reserve in Ontario, Canada. He is a full blood Oneida Indian.
His career began in television, film, and radio in 1976.

In the early '80's Greene found himself doing collective
theatre in Britain. He returned to Canada and was almost
immediately cast in the "Revolution," starring Al Pacino and
directed by Hugh Hudson. Since then, Greene has had regular
roles in several Canadian television series, guest leads in
several others and performed in a number of films, among them
"The Campbells," "Spirit Bay," "Captain Power," "Night Heat,"
"Adderly," "Running Brave," " Pow Wow Highway," and "Clearcut."

For his performance in the role of Kicking Bird in Kevin
Costner's "Dances With Wolves," Greene received an Academy Award
nomination for Best Supporting Actor. Recently he appeared in
TriStar's "Thunderheart," with Val Kilmer and Sam Shepard and
directed by Michael Apted, and in HBO's " The Last of his
Tribe," co-starring Jon Voight. He also guest-starred in three
episodes of CBS' Emmy Award winning series, "Northern Exposure."
Greene has most recently appeared in "Maverick" with Mel
Gibson and Jodie Foster and will soon be seen in "Camilla" with
Bridget Fonda and Jessica Tandy.

In recent years, Greene has been very active in the Toronto
theatre scene and recently won a Toronto theatre award for best
actor in the acclaimed "Dry Lips Oughtta Move to Kapuskasing."
In 1992, Greene was honored by The Southwest Museum in Los
Angeles, with their Lifetime Achievement Award.

COLLEEN CAMP ("Connie Kowalski") is a versatile and talented
actress, who has excelled in numerous film and television roles.
After having a baby in April, 1989, Camp returned from a
four-year hiatus to star in the feature films "Sliver" and
"Greedy," along with making appearances in "Last Action Hero,"
"Coneheads," " Wayne's World" and "Naked In New York." She
also starred in the telefilms "Addicted to Her Love," "For Their
Own Good," "Backfield in Motion," and guest-starred in the
comedy series, "Roseanne." Recently, Camp was a regular on the
CBS comedy series "Tom."

Camp made her feature film debut playing a human in "Battle for
the Planet of the Apes," followed by "Funny Lady," "Smile," and
"Apocalypse Now." Her breakthrough performance came in "They
All Laughed," in which she sang the hit country western single,
" One Day Since Yesterday." Camp's other film credits include
"Illegally Yours," "Clue," "Police Academy II & IV," " The Joy
of Sex," " Valley Girl," "Track 29," " The Vagrant" and "My Blue
Heaven." Her television appearances also include
"thirtysomething," "Tales From The Crypt," "Dallas," "Rich Man,
Poor Man Book II" and several episodes of "Murder, She Wrote."

ANTHONY PECK ( "Ricky Walsh") began his career in
Philadelphia, where he recieved his Masters Degree in Acting at
Temple University. From there he went on to New York, where he
spent ten years doing regional theatre and off-off Broadway.

After a brief stint in Chicago, where he did still more
theatre, Peck moved to Los Angeles. Among his television
credits are recurring roles in two daytime dramas, "The Young
And the Restless" and "Days of Our Lives." Other credits include
roles in "Hill Street Blues," "Dallas," " Knots Landing,"
"Quantum Leap," and "Beauty and The Beast."

His film credits include "Die Hard," "The Hunt For Red
October," and "Last Action Hero," all directed by John
McTiernan, as well as "In the Line Of Fire" and "Annie Hall."

LARRY BRYGGMAN ("Chief Cobb") received a Tony Award nomination
for his role as "Howard Bevans" in "Picnic" in 1994.
Bryggman's other Broadway credits include "Prelude to A Kiss,"
"Richard III," "The Basic Training of Pavlo Hummel," and
"Ulysses in Nighttown." Off-Broadway credits include "Nothing
Sacred," "Henry IV, I and II," "The White Rose," "Coriolanus,"
"Macbeth," "Waiting for Godot," and "As You Like It."
Bryggman's films include "...And Justice For All" with Al
Pacino, "Hanky Panky," and "Kalamazoo."

Bryggman received an Obie in 1993 for Sustained Excellence of
Work, as well as two Emmys for Best Actor, Daytime, for his role
on "As The World Turns."


JOHN McTIERNAN (Director) was born in upstate New York and
attended the Juilliard School and the State University of New
York before receiving a fellowship from the American Film
Institute. With the grant he received from the AFI, McTiernan
made a short film, "Watcher," starring Eduard Frans and Diana

Soon McTiernan began writing and directing television
commercials while continuing to work on his first screenplay.
That script, "Nomads," became his feature directorial debut. It
starred Pierce Brosnan and Lesley Anne Down and led directly to
his first major studio, big-budget film, "Predator."

Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, "Predator" established
McTiernan's reputation as a major director of action-adventure

His next film, "Die Hard," featured Bruce Willis in the role
that made him a major film star, received first-rate reviews
around the world, and was one of the most successful pictures of
the year.

McTiernan's next film was "The Hunt for Red October," based on
the best-seller by Tom Clancy. Starring Sean Connery and Alec
Baldwin, "The Hunt for Red October" was an international

The director then reteamed with Sean Connery on "Medicine Man,"
an adventure set in the Amazon rain forest. Most recently,
McTiernan directed "The Last Action Hero," starring Arnold

ANDREW G. VAJNA (Executive Producer) launched his career in the
entertainment industry with his purchase of motion picture
theaters in the Far East and then founded Panasia Films Limited
in Hong Kong before forming Carolco with Mario Kassar in 1976.
In less than four years, Carolco became one of the top three
foreign sales organizations in motion pictures. In 1982, Vajna
was a founder and then president of the American Film Marketing
Association. During the same year, Vajna and Kassar made their
film production debut with the highly successful "First Blood,"
starring Sylvester Stallone.

"Rambo: First Blood Part II" was released in 1985, generating
more than $300 million worldwide, making it one of the most
profitable films in the history of moviemaking. Vajna was
executive producer with Mario Kassar on such films as Alan
Parker's "Angel Heart," "Rambo III," and "Johnny Handsome."
Other projects included "Music Box," "Mountains of the Moon,"
"Total Recall," "Air America," "Narrow Margin," and "Jacob's

Vajna sold his interest in Carolco and founded Cinergi
Productions, Inc. (now known as Cinergi Pictures Entertainment
Inc.) in December, 1989. Cinergi's first production, "Medicine
Man," starring Oscar winner Sean Connery, directed by John
McTiernan, was followed by the boxoffice hit "Tombstone,"
starring Kurt Russell and Val Kilmer.

"Renaissance Man," starring Danny DeVito and directed by Penny
Marshall, was recently released. Upcoming films include "
Judge Dredd," starring Sylvester Stallone as well as Armande
Assante, Max von Sydow, Diane Lane and Rob Schneider and
directed by Danny Cannon; and "The Scarlet Letter" starring
Demi Moore, Gary Oldman and Robert Duvall and directed by
Roland Joffe.

BUZZ FEITSHANS (Executive Producer) has been a producer of
feature films for over 25 years, beginning with AIP and later
teaming up with John Milius to form A Team Productions.
Feitshans spent a number of years with Carolco, where he also
served on the board of directors.

Feitshans has a long list of successful feature films to his
credit, some of which are "Total Recall," starring Arnold
Schwarzenegger, the "Rambo" trilogy starring Sylvester Stallone,
"Extreme Prejudice," "Conan the Barbarian," "Red Dawn,"
"Uncommon Valor," "1941," and "Hard Core" starring George C.
Scott. He recently served as executive producer on "Renassiance
Man" and "Tombstone" and producer on "Color of Night" starring
Bruce Willis.

MICHAEL TADROSS (Producer) most recently served as senior vice
president in charge of feature production for Paramount
Pictures. There, he oversaw such feature films as "Forrest
Gump," "Naked Gun 33 1/3," "Sliver," "Coneheads" and "Wayne's
World II," among others.

Prior to his tenure at Paramount, Tadross co-produced the hit
film "Indecent Proposal," starring Demi Moore, Woody Harrelson,
and Robert Redford. He also served as associate producer on
"School Ties" and associate produced the Brooke Shields film
"Brenda Starr." His many films as unit production manager and
first assistant director include "Ghost," "Coming to America,"
"Black Rain," "Trading Places" and "Death Wish." Tradross also
produced many movies-of-the-week including "When Will I Be

starring Stephanie Powers, and "Deadly Illusion," starring Billy
Dee Williams.

Born and reared in Brooklyn, New York, Tadross graduated from
Wagner College with a degree in art and theater. He began his
career as a camera trainee and assistant film editor.

DAVID WILLIS (Co-Producer) most recently co-produced "Color of
Night" for Cinergi Pictures Entertainment Inc. He also produced
the action genre spoof "National Lampoon's Loaded Weapon 1" and
"Live Wire," both for New Line Cinema, with Suzanne Todd. Wi

llis served as associate producer on Tri-Star Pictures' "Hudson
Hawk" and on the NBC Movie of the Week "Parker Kane," starring
Jeff Fahey and Amanda Pays.

Willis also worked on such acclaimed projects as "Clean and
Sober" and ABC-TV's "Moonlighting."

CARMINE ZOZZORA (Co-Producer) is the president of Bruce Willis'
production company, Flying Heart Films, Inc. Zozzora, who has
written a number of screenplays, co-produced the recent "Color
of Night" for Cinergi Pictures Entertainment Inc., and cast the
television sitcom "Kingpin," which he created and wrote for
Lorimar Television, Inc. His acclaimed one-hour documentary
"Look of the Year," which chronicled the struggles and triumphs
of up-and-coming young fashion models, aired last year on the


A native of Pennsylvania, Zozzora sold his manufacturing
company in 1985 and moved west to team up with friend Bruce
Willis. After a brief apprenticeship under television producer
Jay Daniels on the series "Moonlighting" in 1986, Zozzora went
on to act in and produce several feature films, including "Die
Hard," "Little Vegas," "Road House," "Predator 2," "Hudson
Hawk," and "The Last Boy Scout."

Zozzora recently produced Columbia Pictures' "Striking
Distance" with Hunt Lowry and Arnon Milchan.

JONATHAN HENSLEIGH (Screenwriter, Co-Producer), formerly a
Manhattan-based corporate lawyer and investor, has been writing
for the screen for several years. His credits include
LucasFilm's "The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles" and the Disney
feature "A

Far Off Place." Hensleigh's other projects, in production or
preproduction, include "Captain Blood" (Warner Brothers),
"Jumanji," (TriStar), and "Red Tails" (Lucasfilm). In
development are "Gold in the Kingdom" (Warner Brothers), "Hickok
and Cody" (Warner Brothers), " and "The Saint" (Paramount). His
first feature script "Mad Dogs and Englishmen" was recently
purchased by Phil Collins.

Born in Sydney, Australia, PETER MENZIES, JR. (Director of
Photography) was influenced by his father, Australian director
and cinematographer Peter Menzies, to enter the film industry.

Menzies started as a loader and quickly moved up the ranks. As
the director of photography, his feature film credits include
"Posse," starring and directed by Mario Van Peebles, and for
director Roger Donaldson, "White Sands," starring Willem Dafoe

Samuel L. Jackson, and "The Getaway" starring Kim Basinger and
Alec Baldwin.

His experience as an operator includes "Almost an Angel,"
"Crocodile Dundee," "Crocodile Dundee II," "The Rescue,"
"Umbrella Woman," and "The Other Facts of Life." Menzies has
earned numerous awards for his work in commercials, including
the London International Advertising Award for Best
Cinematography. He currently resides in Sydney, Australia and
Los Angeles.

Production Designer JACKSON DE GOVIA's feature credits include
"Speed," "Sister Act," "Dad," "In Country," "Punchline,"
"Roxanne," and "My Bodyguard," among others. Television credits
include "Gypsy," "The Winds of War" and "The People."

He and McTiernan first worked together on "Die Hard."

JOSEPH AULISI (Costume Designer) graduated from Middlebury
College in Vermont as a pre-med major. His interest in theatre
led him to study design at New York's Art Student League.

Aulisi has designed for both the stage and motion pictures.
Among his films are "On Deadly Ground," "Billy Bathgate," "True
Colors," "Easy Money," "The Buddy System," "Three days of the
Condor," "Little Darlings," "Death Wish," "The Pope of Greenwich

Village," and the upcoming "Nobody's Fool." Aulisi's stage
credits include Neil Simon's "Rumors" and "Broadway Bound," as
well as "Jerome Robbins' Broadway," among many others.

JOHN WRIGHT (Editor) was nominated for an Oscar in 1990 for his
editing on John McTiernan's "The Hunt for Red October." His
other feature credits include McTiernan's "Last Action Hero,"
the recent hit "Speed," "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2,"
"Necessary Roughness," "Gleeming the Cube," "Mass Appeal," and

Die Hard News